Kinuthia confirms morning sickness is a horrible experience

Kinuthia just introduced his male bestfriends but since no one trusts anyone anymore….many believe this is the bestie bestie kinda friendship especially now that we saw the late Chiloba linked to his best friend, Jackton who all assumed was a friend.

So yea, you can also see why many continue to doubt Fena Gitu and Ntalami. Anyway having introduced his bff online – we also got an update on his weightloss journey and so far we understand Kinuthia has lost 7kgs since swallowing his first balloon.

Speaking during recent interview with Mpasho’ Kinuthia mentioned his procedure has slowly been working but it hasnt been an easy journey due to the side effects. Describing his morning experience Kinuthia said;

Kinuthia weightloss

With the balloon, you can’t wake up and start doing your things. You wake up in stages to also give it time to fix well after the night’s turns

On the brighter side

Well, from how i see it – this sounds more like morning sickness and i am pretty sure i will not be the first woman who says the same.

So yea having always wanted to be a woman – Kinuthia seems lucky enough to have been blessed with female like features and now….now he knows what handling a morning sickness while pregnant feels like. I mean…he clearly says you wake up in stages….same same situation as that of 1st trimester.

Anyway looking at the brighter side, at least he has lost a few pounds here and there;

I have seen the changes. This last month, I am supposed to do extra workouts and even have a personal trainer to help me out

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