KOT finds man whose girlfriend hid his face with emoji in viral photo that took twitter by storm

Kenyans on Twitter took issues with a lady who hid her boyfriend’s face with an emoji. Tweeps launched a campaign to find the man and they did.

Cyprian Nyakundi raised alarm about a photo of a slay queen with her boyfriend. The boy child defender argued that the lady covered her man’s face with an emoji because she was ‘keeping her options open’.

“You buy her breakfast, pay the bill, then she posts a photo with your face covered by an emoji. That’s new-age Kenyan prostitution for you. Kenyan bitches want to keep their options open. They don’t want to be linked to one dude. Stay woke my nigga’s. Don’t be misused like this. If a bitch doesn’t want to take pics with you, huyo ni malaya,” Nyakundi wrote.

KOT springs into action

Nyakundi’s tweet went viral as KOT launched a campaign to find the man in the viral photo. Tweeps finally traced the man who was identified as Anto.

The boy child defender condemned Anto for ‘being used’. Nyakundi says Anto ought to have heed his calls to boycott the exploitation of the boy child.


“KOT investigators mpaka wamepata ule jamaa wa emoji. Even the precise shirt. Hawa ndio Boy-Child wenye hawaskizangi Nyakundi. Wanaendelea tu ku-friendzoniwa na madame. Mbwa yeye! If you see Anto, mleteni hapa. Yeye ni takataka. Didn’t we say nigga’s to NOT buy ANYTHING for these bi**hes?” Wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.


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