‘KRA Are Now After Us’- Kabi WaJesus Claims After His Wife’s Expensive Rate Card

The WaJesus are still on their limelight after Milly divulged her bridesmaid rate card to be worth millions. It’s not the first time The WaJesus are showing off to fans how wealthy they’re are and what they’re worth.

But not everyone is convinced that they’re that rich. To begin with, their lavish gifts to each other every now and then have been exposed by social media users as being faked and staged. Secondly, some of the ‘car gifts’ end up not being seen for a long time after they flaunt them on social media.

Either way, The WaJesus are gurus when it comes to promoting brands. This is what makes them stay relevant as they employ new methods of delivering info to fans & social media users.

With that in mind, we know as taxpayers how hefty it is nowadays, especially during this time when the standards of living are high.

Following Milly’s expensive rate card, Kabi WaJesus claims Kenya Revenue Authority are now on their neck. He shared the same via Instagram;

”Am still recovering from the beautiful wedding ???????? of @akotheekenya it was such an honor to be on the lineup alafu nimepigiwa simu na KRA kwa sababu ya rate card ya @millywajesus ????
Just to be clear hii ya Akothe hatukulipwa she’s our personal friend tukianza kulipwa lazima tulipe tax ????????”

Kabi is yet to divulge his rate card.

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