‘Krg Asked Me To Pay Journalists’-Miracle Baby’s Wife Carol Katrue Denies Embezzling Funds Donated

Carol Katrue, partner of the ailing “Miracle Baby,” has refuted accusations from Kenyan dancehall artist KRG the Don. KRG alleged Katrue exploited Kenyans by using her child’s illness and disrespected President William Ruto’s assistance.

In a recent interview with Kenyan Online Media, Katrue denied acting entitled or making unreasonable demands regarding treatment options. She explained requesting to keep the same surgeon familiar with Miracle’s medical history. However, pressure from intermediaries, allegedly Jaguar and KRG, sent by the president, led them to accept the recommended hospital to avoid appearing disrespectful.

“They took us to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH),” Katrue stated, “but I pleaded to keep the same surgeon. However, they said refusing KNH would make us look arrogant to the President. So, we cooperated.”

Katrue further clarified the use of funds donated by President Ruto. She revealed KRG suggested using part of the Ksh300,000 for media purposes, with Ksh10,000 allocated to journalists. The remaining amount covered basic needs like rent and food.

“KRG told Kenyans I used the money for PR, with Ksh10,000 going to journalists. The Ksh300,000 was a gift from the President, whom we deeply respect. I only contacted him because I wasn’t receiving any help,” Katrue explained. “They told me not to give the hospital a single shilling. It was used for groceries and rent, as I’m not working.”

Katrue concluded by criticizing KRG for his insensitivity. She emphasized that he never offered assistance yet criticizes their alleged “ungratefulness.” She also criticized content creators who exploit her family’s situation for personal gain.

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