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KRG Da Don has switched from being an artist to being an influencer

January 16, 2023 at 16:44
KRG Da Don has switched from being an artist to being an influencer

KRG the Don has finally stopped pretending to be an artist and is now fully embracing being a media personality and an influencer. And actually, I think this is more of a fit for him than his previous interest.

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For the longest time we have referred to him as an upcoming artist but if the truth is told you cannot remember your favourite Krg bar let alone verse nor song. And even his most popular songs was songs that featured other artists.

However, seem to have found success with his podcast as well as by being a social media influencer. Now or never KRG the Don speaks in this capacity we are forced to take note rather than when he tried to tell us about his music.

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And the best thing about the times we live in is that this is not seen as a step down from what you was trying to do as an artist but it is seen as natural progression.

Evolution is required for one to survive within Kenya’s entertainment scene and it seems he has finally wised up to that fact. He had struggle to connect with a musical audience and had struggled to create a fanbase for his music. However, as a podcaster he and Dufla’s podcast is proving to be a rather entertaining and captivating one.

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KRG the Don has always moved the needle more when he makes commentary on Pop Culture than when he drops songs. Now that he has decided to focus more on that Lane we do suspect that he’s going to eventually break through and become an A-List celebrity Kenya.

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