KRG da Don needs to pay Amerix to mentor him

KRG da Don is down bad and there is little anyone in his social circle seems to be able to do to help him get back on his feet. If anything, they seem more and more with each passing antic they forgive him for getting up to that they are nothing but yes-men too scared of scaring away the guy they are parasites to.

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And that is why we are seeing the upcoming rapper/ dancehall artist struggling to let go of his situation with his estranged wife, Linah Wanjiru Kiruthi. And I don’t blame him for feeling hurt. On paper, he is the type of man any woman would be happy to have calling her his.

Krg’s estranged wife, Linah

He is handsome, he is of above-average height (the Kenyan average being 5’7″ for men) and he is wealthy, reportedly being the scion of a wealthy and established family. So what went wrong? that is the question KRG should be focused on answering but he is instead chasing his tail and sinking to rubbish antics, constantly trading insults with his wife (they are still legally married) and accusing her of cheating on him.

Alaar! KRG the Don reacts to photos of ex wife hanging out with alleged bae, Mbogi Genje’s manager

The rapper was livid when he, like the rest of us, found out that Linah was involved with Ochungulo Family’s Benzema. Now, it turns out she is currently with Mbogi Genje’s manager, a man popularly known as Elvis Makutsa aka Eastlands President.

Krg with estranged wife, Linah and a friend

Can you imagine that after all the praise KRG used to shower on his wife, all the lavish gifts he gave her, she still left him and decided she wanted bad boys? Ofcourse all that hurts da Don. It would leave you gutted too. But there is an opportunity for him to make himself better after studying the failures of this marriage and emerging a man forged in the flames of failure and made anew, like the phoenix from the flames. And the man to help him with this journey is Amerix.

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For those of you who do not know Amerix, he is a phenomenon on Twitter who has been counselling men and attempting to help them become the best versions of themselves that they can aspire to be. he is a life coach who teaches men how to train their minds, bodies and focus them towards the single goal of pursuing their mission in life.

Elvis with Linah

KRG needs that. Sure, he is a businessman who can boast a wide variety of businesses including construction but as a father and leader of his household, the head of his relationship, he is a failure. So perhaps he should reach out to Amerix to try and figure out how he can become the man his sons think him to be, the type of man other men want to be and women want to be with. The type of man whose wife wouldn’t stray from out of fear that she will never get a man of his calibre ever again in her life.

KRG da Don needs to learn to STFU about his family

But for that to happen, he would have to confess his ego and pride. He would have to accept that he has failed and actually give an honest and earnest attempt at learning how to improve himself. That means getting his diet right, focusing on getting fit then strong and finally becoming a man who is in control of every aspect of his life that we as mortals can ever hope to be.

Elvis with his clients, Mbogi Genje

For now, all we can do is pray and hope that KRG actually gets his act together. I wouldn’t hold my breath however if I were you. He seems to be enjoying playing in his emotions and the muck that is the feminine urge to throw insults at his ex and the men who are currently bouncing her on their laps.

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