KRG Da Don: Why Benzema (Alehandro) should sue him for rapist remark

Image: Benzema

KRG Da Don had a rather interesting reaction to finding out the rather sudden and shocking news that Ochungulo family were breaking up. Rather than the normal reaction of shock or horror, he decided to congratulate the group for refusing to work with Benzema whom he alleged was a rapist.

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The allegation is one that has been plaguing Benzema who even made a song about the matter explained that it was one of the most traumatic events of his life when he was falsely accused of rape. So for KRG da Don to go for this seemingly to the rest of us out of the blue is perplexing.

I found myself wondering why he would decide to take such an uncalled for shot at Benzema/ Alehandro and I thought that given they are both rappers, and hip-hop is simply a bloodsport, he was attacking because he had caught the scent of blood but then I realized that this is KRG Da Don.

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And by that I mean that he usually does this. He is something of a troll, he simply attacks other artists to keep his name in the headlines. That is why KRG Da don went after Miracle baby of Sailors. And while at the time I thought it was legitimate beef, this recent attack makes me think otherwise.

KRG Da Don
Sailors Gang and KRG Da Don before their beef

Sometimes, even I am wrong. And while it is a rare occasion to behold, it still does indeed happen. And that is why we are here today. KRG decided to troll Alehandro/ Benzema and i think he should sue him for the damage such an allegation does to an individual’s name.

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To put someone through that trauma a second time should be dealt with severely and while I would have rather told Benzema to physically handle their dispute (I am learning from a mentor I have that sometimes a quick punch to the mouth instils discipline), I don’t think that would be as gratifying as making him have to part way with some of his money in retribution.

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And as such, I need to advise Benzema to sue KRG Da Don who has a penchant for ostentatious posts on social media. That means there is probably something he can get from the man as a way of saying pole and that’s a good thing.

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The rapist remark is one that can kill careers anywhere in the world but especially for someone whose career depends on getting sponsorship deals and other endorsements, especially since alot of the key decision-makers, are women and rape is a crime that disproportionally targets women.

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