KRG savagely attacks Akothee

KRG has decided to wade into the beef currently raging between his friend CAS Jaguar and Akothee and he did not mince words as he went after the latter.

‘There’s No Tanzanian Artist Who Is Richer Than Me’- KRG the Don

The funny thing about this beef is that it is a group of adults arguing about who is wealthier and Akothee went for Jaguar’s masculinity when she asked him whether he had a uterus.

‘Kitakuramba’- Jaguar Finally Responds To Akothee

KRG 2 has made it about money claiming that the singer is only wealthy when she’s in the village: According to him a village tycoon cannot hold a candle to an urban tycoon.


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This elicited a reaction from Jaguar who reposted the interview that featured KRG disparaging his nemesis and laughing about it. I for one am eager for Akothee’s response.

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