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KRG the Don Confesses Undying Love For New Girlfriend- ‘Ananiguza Napata Goosebumps’ (Screenshots)

May 04, 2022 at 11:28
KRG the Don Confesses Undying Love For New Girlfriend- 'Ananiguza Napata Goosebumps' (Screenshots)

Kenyan dancehall artist KRG the Don has been swept off his feet and is deeply in love a few months after separating with his wife Linah. The millionaire rapper has hinted on divulging the face of his new lover through his Instagram stories, where he has purported that they have already done a photoshoot together.

One of his posts read;

”Mvua imetusumbua but we have finished our photoshoot perfectly!! Sasa kazi kwa photographer to edit them. Coz hizo pictures lazima ziwake kama babe gal.♥”

Newly Found Love

On a separate post, KRG complained about his new catch not picking up his calls as a way of teasing him to test his patience;

”Can u imagine my babe gal ain’t picking up today coz I didn’t see her jana n I had explained to her it’s eid ntakuwa na my boys… Babe relax we have a relationship to sail pon..


”Finally she has called me back!! Anakuja maze😂😂. Eti she was teasing me yani hivi ndio new love inakuanga? Imagine ananishow ”babe boy I ain’t mad at u aki I was just testing your patience!!”


Aaaw, the princess is here guys. Yani anakuja aki smile juu venye nilikua na pressure😂😂. Her dress looks so expensive but najua bado kuna wale they won’t like it but tunazidi nayo kwani iko nini.

KRG continued to confess how he has fallen head over heels in love with the new bae; adding he’s still undecided on whether he’s ready to love again;

”Weeeh, aki mimi sijui kama nitaweza hii mapenzi aki babe ananiguza napata goosebumps hadi kwa miguu🤣🤣. Last time I felt this was in 2011…”

Despite all the fuss, KRG is yet to introduce his new chick to the public.




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