KRG the Don Throws Shade At Ex-Wife For Taking ‘Fake’ Photos (Screenshot)

The woes between musician KRG the Don and his ex-wife Linah Wanjiru continue with the musician exposing Linah for faking her lifestyle. After their break-up, Linah was believed to be living a low life after moving from their palatial home and going back to the ‘streets’. Her lifestyle changed tremendously and it was evident that she wasn’t living the same lifestyle that KRG offered her.

The two sweethearts have now separated for over half a year. In an interview with the rapper, he said that he didn’t care about what his ex-wife did as they didn’t have anything in common.

But the sentiment of that last statement stood out. Didn’t KRG and Linah have two kids together? KRG’s response to that question was even more shocking with the wealthy musician saying,

“No, we don’t have kids together. She just produced kids for me. She has no kids. Have you ever seen her with kids? The kids are mine.”

The full kisunzi crooner decided to take full responsibility of his children without the help of Linah.

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KRG Not Done With Linah

Now, the musician is still on Linah’s business, as he recently shared on his Instagram how Linah is using the same background to take her photos Check the screenshot below;


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