KRG vs Benzema: Stop responding to everyone with an opinion

KRG and Benzema seem to be heading towards having some major beef. All this is down to the fact that Benzema aired his opinions about KRG da Don’s music aswell as that of Arrow Boy.

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You see, taste in music is entirely subjective. What sounds good to one audience, one person or even one culture might not get more than a grunt of acknowledgement if even that. That is why you can’t really get used at anyone who isn’t necessarily feeling your music or your favourite song.


We are then brought to the point that perhaps it was the way Benzema put forth his opinions about KRG’s music. It actually came off as flippant and that might be what hurt the latter’s feelings. Afterall, they are both artists so Benzema should know how much of himself his peer pours into his art so perhaps he should have been less scathing in his critique.

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KRG however, needs to learn that not every critic needs a response. You see, as an artist, he has fans. They might nit be as many as those Benzema and his group Ochungulo Family have but all in all, he has fans. So why bother responding to a hater rather than fully focusing on the people who are interested in your music? Why focus on the negative so strongly and not the positive with equal fervour?

KRG the Don

You see, at the end of the day, Benzema was not wrong for what he said, you can use YouTube views as a metric for the success or failure of an artist’s music and on this one, he is right, he is ahead of KRG. However, KRG too isn’t wrong when he says that YouTube views don’t necessarily point to the success of an artist’s career. Money does and perhaps he has found a way to properly monetize his audience. Whatever the case may be, KRG’s response to Benzema mingled in a large portion of emotion to it which diluted it’s message.

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The best response would be for KRG to go all out on releasing songs that are arguably better and can grow his support base further. That is the type of response I would expect from an artist who has been slighted especially when you consider the fact that he should be responding through his work.


At the end of the day, what do I know outside of the fact that this response wasn’t it. I am more impressed by Arrow Boy’s silence. He is probably in the studio cooking up some heat for his fans rather than engaging in noisemaking. Or perhaps I have just spoken too soon.

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