KRG’s message to his two sons following ugly divorce from their mum, Linah

KRG’s ugly split from ex wife Linah unfortunately ended up involving their kids and from the look of it; Linah has not seen her boys for the past 2 months and counting.

From KRG’s side of the story, looks like the hot mum of two chose to live life to the fullest; leaving behind her boys with their dad – and looking at her social media posts – the lady appears to be just fine.

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Well, it’s not my place to take sides on who is right or wrong; but yea, it is what it is – family drama. Just to prove how much the kids are involved in their parents ugly split, KRG recently shared a detailed post directed to his boys where he wrote;

I’m so proud of you guys…. You have overcome a situation that was supposed to make your life difficult but we have worked closely together and we are doing great ???? #Bughaaa Boys #GodOverEverything

Ugly split

The post comes weeks after KRG exposed his ex wife for demanding 350K per month as child support; something we all thought sounded absurd judging from the bills listed on request.

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From her spousal support, Linah alleged had the following demands that totaled up to ksh 350,000.

House Rent Ksh 160,000
Groceries: food, fruits and dry grain Ksh 50,000
Milk Ksh 25,000
Clothing Ksh 50,000
Electricity Ksh 30,000
Water Ksh 15,000
Toiletries Ksh 20,000

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