Kristoff should stick to collabos, his solo projects always flop

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A few days ago, Kristoff released a song dubbed Rainbow. I listened to it a couple of times on the day it debuted and each time I felt like something was missing. Truth is, I have always felt the same way about his solo projects.

You see, we are used to seeing Mluhya Wa Busia in collabos so much so that his solo projects just seem flat. It’s as if he’s at full potential when he is working with other artist but loses his mojo on solo projects.

Without a doubt, Kristoff is the reason why songs like Gudi Gudi, Dundaing, Tippy Toe, Somaga, Dirunk, Dandia, Here We Go and a couple of others blew up. He adds this unique element that I can’t describe to his collabos.

However, when it comes to solos, he becomes a different person. As you listen to the songs you can’t help but wonder whether he got a creative block while writing.

Kristoff Rainbow

Not only are his solo songs uninspiring, they also seem hurriedly done which makes you wonder what the hurry was. Actually, most music fans would rather listen to his collabos. It’s just what it is.

This assertion is evidenced by the low YouTube views that he gets on his solo songs. For instance, his latest single dubbed Rainbow is stuck at 4,000 views on YouTube more than five days after it was released.

Diambo, which you’ve probably never heard of got only 30,000 views, 2 and a half years after it was uploaded on the video-sharing platform.

I hate to be the one to deliver this message but it’s about time Kristoff realized that solo songs don’t work for him. As such, he should stick to collabos since he excels in them.

I appreciate the fact that he wants to show his fans that he doesn’t have to depend on others to shine but from the look of things, it seems he does. Collabos bring out the best in him.

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