KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi: I wasn’t caught with someone’s wife

KTN TV host Jamal Gaddafi has been forced to come out to set the record straight after news broke that he had been caught pants down with someone’s wife.

The whole drama started following the tragic death of Jamal’s namesake Jamal Nassor Gaddafi who was stabbed to death by a woman in Mlolongo.

Jamal Nassul Gadafi was stabbed to death on the night of December 11th 2018 following a quarrel with Grace Kanamu Namulo.

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Fake news

Rumormongers couldn’t tell the difference between Jamal Gaddafi (KTN host) and Jamal Nassor Gaddafi (the actor), they concluded that it was the KTN host who had been stabbed to death. They even added a new twist to the story, that Jamal was stubbed because he was caught pants down with someone’s wife.

Jamal Gaddafi (left) and late Jamal Nassor Gaddafi the actor
Jamal Gaddafi (left) and late Jamal Nassor Gaddafi the actor

Jamal was forced to address the false news, he took to social media to set the record straight that he was still alive and that he hadn’t been caught with anyone’s wife.

“Woke up today to some fake news that I have been stabbed to death having been caught with someone’s wife…Think it’s high time bloggers and everyone else who uses social media to spread fake news to be careful of what they publish out there.The deceased shared the same surname as mine & acts in a show in KTN HOME (BabaJunior)thus the mixup.. All in all I’m okay as you can see..and my condolences to the family of JAMAL NASSOR MUNGU AMFUTIE MADHAMBI YAKE yeye Mbele sisi Nyuma. May his soul Rest In Peace.????,” wrote Jamal Gaddafi.




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