‘Kuna Shida Gani Nikimpost?’ Karen Nyamu Responds To A Fan Over Posting Samidoh On Social Media

Samidoh is out here showing how polygamy can work without necessarily having to live with your wives in the same house.

Even though it looks like both wives are bitter about it, the singer is definitely on demand by both of his baby mamas.

Earlier in the year, Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu left fans speculating that she left her marriage after sharing a video of her repeatedly singing ‘single Again’ by Harmonize.

Edday Nderitu shared a video singing Happily to the song.

“Maybe this love not for me, am single, do you know that am single, am single again,” she sang.

This is not the first signal Edday has given of her intentions to leave her marriage. Edday has been in this back-and forth-with Samidoh’s other baby mama Karen Nyamu for years now. The antagonistic relationship has been there since it came to light that Samidoh has not one but two children with Karen. All this conflict hit its climax a few weeks ago when the two baby mamas met and squared it out at a club in Dubai where Samidoh was performing. But in real sense, it seems like Edday still loves Samidoh.
So does Karen Nyamu; who recently responded to a fan over posting Samidoh.
And to put things into perspective, none of the two baby mamas are ready to get over Samidoh.

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