Kupendwa raha! Guardian Angel’s aged girlfriend continues to show why the singer remains addicted to her love

Image: Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel a while back introduced his new found love; an older woman with zero drama but affection and for some reason we believe that she treats him better than his mama would!

Yes, this is because she takes care of his needs, stomach and of course loves him like he was her own. Well, I hear men love that and clearly there is no where Guardian Angel will be going especially now that he bagged himself a woman and a half!

Guardian Angel serenades lover with romantic words

Just to prove how much she loves him – 50 year old Esther Musila recently shared a touchy post; where she poured out her heart to Guardian Angel saying;

Guardian Angel receives heartwarming message from girlfriend

I don’t think you’ll fully understand how you have touched my life.  I don’t think you could ever know how special you are. You changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me.

“Life without you would be empty”

For those in struggling relationship with younger women – guess what… Guardian Angel is living the life! His girlfriend went on to prove this by adding;

I can’t imagine what things would be if I hadn’t met you.  Thank you my love for gracing my life with your lovely presence and for adding the sweet measure of your soul to my existence. I ???? you. @guardianangelglobal#mysuperstar???? #mancrushmonday

Judging from how most women complain about their men on social media; and with the rise in domestic violence in our society  – indeed Esther Musila counts herself as a lucky woman! Kupendwa raha!

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