Kwani Amber Ray alimroga? Jimal Roho Safi attacks Rapudo

Jimal Rohosafi, a well-known businessman who runs a matatu and finance credit business from his office, recently declared himself the richest matatu owner in Kenya.

In an interview on the Mungai Eve channel, he said that his wealth can be traced back to those jobs. Yesterday, Jimal posted a quote on his Instagram about being irritated by some businessmen who have no known offices or work descriptions.

“It’s irritating ???? to call yourself a businessman while we don’t know what you do or your office#jamalrohosafi.”

A day ago, Amber Ray’s son questioned what Kennedy Rapudo does for a living. The innocent 13-year-old was speaking to Amber on her Instagram stories and could be heard asking that to his popular mother.

This has led netizens to assume that Jimal is referring to Kennedy Rapudo, who has faced the same questions from Kenyans.

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