Kwani hamjui jokes! Nasra caught red-handed lying about 59K breakfast

Comedian Nasra has been the talk of town after she shared a receipt showing off how much her ‘breakfast’ cost and of course the bill being in Ksh we obviously fell for it.

For a minute many assumed Nasra and husband Director Rashid must have won some jackpot somewhere…cause honestly with this economy – spending 52k on breakfast (leave alone rent and the other bills) sounds more like a fantasy.

Comedienne Nasra Yusuf

Anyway barely days after she unveiled the receipt online – fans did a little digging only to find out that the receipt originally belongs to Vera Sidika…..which actually makes sense considering her former hustle that made her millions back in the day. But as for Nasra….hapo alitubeba baby kidogo.

Nasra defends herself

Okay…now that everyone knows the truth – Nasra has been downplaying the whole stunt with a dont care attitude….but I am assuming its only because she just learnt that njia ya muongo ni fupi.

As seen on her IG stories, Nasra wrote;

Sasa 59,200 shillings ni kitu ya kuniambia nadanganya surely ( is 59 thousand something id be lying about surely)

And on another one – she wrote;

I have to sue the hotel, why are they giving me a receipt from last year? Why can they not respect their clients?


I’ve been eating from 9am ndio namaliza sahii ju food ya 59k pia haitaki mbio…. anyway tupatane lunch ya 200k in a few.

But come to think of it….if this were a joke, she would have found a better and hilarious way of doing it…but clearly she wanted to make fans believe the receipt belonged to her and unfortunately she didn’t do her research well to realize Vera already flaunted it on social media; cause if she did – we wouldnt be on this topic.

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