‘Kwani Iyo Kitu Yenu Ni Special Sana Hamuezi Tulia?’ Rue Baby Blasts Andrew Kibe For Supporting Shaffie

Women are are supporting each other on the issue of gender-based violence. They’ve  had enough! Most female celebrities have taken to social media to shun the recent obnoxious behavior of men harassing women and those who try to justify rape.

One of the female celebrities who strongly rebuke gender-based violence is Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby. The 23 year old found herself at loggerheads with one of her fans after she posted Andrew Kibe’s video. In the video, Kibe claims that women should know that men need sex after sending them bus fare and spending on them. However, Rue Baby disagrees with this.

Rue Baby’s Savage Response To Kibe

She wrote back to Kibe and termed him as shameless,

”It’s so sad the kind of men we have in this society nowadays. How can you jus speak so shamelessly. What you are trying to say is if you give me 2k it guarantees you to sleep with me or kill me?? honestly  what men need is control and respect for women.

What are men suffering from? Kwani iyo kitu yenu ni special sana hamuezi tulia?? Damn.”

Rue Baby also slammed a fan who tried to support Andrew Kibe and claimed that her mom, Akothee, got money from over 10 men to raise her.

”To have the guts to come to my dm and utter such nonesense. You are the kind of ill minded men and rapists we are trying to stop.”

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