Kwani Willis Raburu ulifanya nini? Maryaprude’s advice to young couples thirsting for marriage

Image: Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

I like to believe that marriage is beautiful. It’s like going to jail but with the perfect life partner who you wouldn’t mind spending each moment of your life with. However, MaryaPrude is starting to make many think otherwise – about this ‘marriage thing.’

Willis Raburu’s ex wife

So far she has admitted that Marriage is nothing but a scam; meaning she no longer believes the whole family concept teachings most women are taught while still young.

This comes after her failed marriage to Willis Raburu; but the only problem is that we do not know what really happened between these two. But judging from the posts shared by Maryaprude; it’s evident that Willis may have hurt the lady somehow. When asked by a fan why she did not fight for her marriage, Marya responded by saying;

No!!! Issa scam


Marriage advice

As seen on a new post shared on Maryaprude’s page, she talks about the importance of finding yourself; before deciding to share your forever with someone else.

Although the quote is from singer Beyonce, we have every reason to believe Maryaprude relates to it; hence the repost.

“Make sure you have you have your own life before becoming someone’s wife”

Maryaprude’s advice 


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