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“Labda za Uganda” Netizens react to Pritty Vishy’s 900k rate card

November 14, 2022 at 11:36
"Labda za Uganda" Netizens react to Pritty Vishy's 900k rate card

Pritty Vishy might have gone MIA for a minute but your favorite upcoming socialite is back and this time around she is not joking about career and money – that is judging from her rate card.

Well, from what she revealed during an IG live is that her brand is worth 300k and went on to break it down saying that she will be charging ksh 100 for every club event she graces within Nairobi and ksh 80,000 for every graduation and birthday parties she gets to host.

Also, musicians or companies looking to feature her on their videos adverts will have to cough ksh 40,000 for video adverts without posting and Ksh 70,000 posting included.


Well with a 800k plus rate card, Vishy definitely knew there would people complaining, so addressing them through her IG live the young lady said;

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

I mean people are so funny… You meet a business persona that wants an influencer and they are like examples ‘Come to my restaurant you advertise my hotel or something then we will give you food and drinks, convert that food and drink to money and pay me off! It doesn’t matter if we or I came to the industry as a socialite or kienyeji both parts needs consistency and maintenance.

Anyway to continue on her rate card….she went on to reveal that social media adverts will cost you Ksh 15,000….that is Instagram stories and TikTok stories. Posts on her Instagram and TikTok timeline will cost Ksh 35,000 each and Ksh 60,000 for both.

Well with the economy so bad…..Kenyans on social media decided to do what they do best…troll…and this is how most reacted to the rate card.


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