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Ladies take notes: Jalang’o advises single Kamene Goro on where to find serious lifetime partners (Video)

August 26, 2021 at 14:31
Ladies take notes: Jalang’o advises single Kamene Goro on where to find serious lifetime partners (Video)

A club is not an advisable place to look for a lifetime partner; wait – scratch that, I almost lied to you.

This is 2021 and if you ask me, these days whether churches, clubs; or friends gatherings – one can easily bag a lifetime partner; but problem is… most people have perfected the art of using love to con others hence the many singles!

Young boys want women with money and the ladies; the ladies want it all – money, titles, good life expect kids to avoid getting tied down. Unatoka, pia mimi natoka! It’s the Nairobi lifetstyle.

Jalango’s perspective

However Jalang’o, a former member of boys club says that there are actually many singles in clubs looking for love; but problem is – spotting the serious ones – since they (singles) all pretend to enjoy the parte after parte lifestyle but nawamechoka.

Kamene and Jalang’o

According to Jalang’o most of the people who club are actually out hoping to meet serious partners; but due to the loud music and hype – they never get the chance to express themselves.

He revealed this while speaking on Kiss FM’s morning show; where he assured Kamene Goro that she would find after she opened up saying;

“Nikipata mtu serious nitasettle”

Serious partners are in clubs

To which Jalang’o went on to say;

Kamene Goro and Jalang’o

“There are people who are on the streets. The streets called them, they want to leave; but street is calling their name just because they haven’t found someone to settle down with.”

He went on to add;

“They are just forcing because hawajapata mtu serious. Wana force rieng, makelele kuchoma lakini ameshachoka. Anasema mungu baba nitumie tu mtu anitoe tu hapa kwa hii tabu. I’m not looking for thee man, I’m looking for just a man.” Vice versa.

Wise words huh? Well, I can bet it’s not just Kamene who is struggling here. Watch the video below courtesy.


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