Lady Maureen is a reminder no one cares for you

Image: Lady Maureen´s health condition a mystery to doctors

Lady Maureen has passed away. God bless the dead. However, her death is a reminder of a truth that many know but allow themselves to forget, no one is coming to save you.

Ohangla star Lady Maureen´s mother forced to respond to reports the singer is dead (Details)

It is an unfortunate reality in our lives but we are largely in charge of ourselves (except for our children that is). No one is going to swing by on a vine and save us from what life has in store.

lady maureen

It is infact a reminder that indeed, Kenyans would much rather assist your family raise funds for your funeral than help with medical costs. You see, Lady Maureen was a beloved entertainer. That is what her accolades and adoring fans would have you believe. However, when she first fell ill, even her mother was surprised that no one came to her aid.

Breakthrough as Ohangla star, Lady Maureen is taken in by family after mother´s rejection

The only celebrity who was revealed to have attempted to help Lady Maureen was Akothee. So for whatever reason you think, there is clearly no solidarity within the entertainment scene.

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This leads us to the question of what entertainers are to do. The first lesson one should learn from Lady Maureen is that as an artist, because you do not have health insurance, you should try and lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes fitness but also going for regular health checks.

For a year, I have not seen any of her Nairobi friends – Lady Maureen´s mother sobs

Another thing Lady Maureen should have taught you as a person is that while the idea of having friends is a great idea, we should be comfortable with our own company. We should understand that success has many fathers, failure is an orphan. That saying can be contextualized to mean that when we are riding on the high of success, we will be mobbed by many people but when we are struggling through life, most of our friends will not be available beyond the photo opportunities.

lady maureen

It is sad to see Lady Maureen having to live and survive her illness alone. Then she went to on to die abandoned by most of the people who celebrated her during life. That describes a situation that would depress anyone. But to survive this life, we need to know that we are the only people responsible for making our lives better.

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