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Larry Madowo joins disgruntled Kenyans in mocking granny appointed Minister for Youth in Nyeri county

October 24, 2017 at 07:46
Larry Madowo joins disgruntled Kenyans in mocking granny appointed Minister for Youth in Nyeri county

Youth in Nyeri have gotten a raw deal as a granny has been chosen to represent them. Nyeri MCAs approved the appointment of 65-year-old Sheila Waruguru Githaiga as minister for Youth in Nyeri county government.

The sexagenarian was appointed by the governor for the docket despite uproar from the youth. Young MCAs in Nyeri County Assembly disapproved Sheila Githaiga’s appointment.

Sheila Githaiga

Majority of Nyeri MCAs however approved the sexagenarian’s nomination during a special sitting conducted on Monday October 23rd.

Kenyans reacts to granny appointment

Kenyans on social media have expressed their disappointment with the appointment of  Sheila Githaiga as youth minister. Majority of netizens argued that the youth docket should be preserved for young people just like Women Representative posts are preserved for women.

Larry Madowo joined disgruntled youth in mocking the granny’s appointment. The NTV anchor took to Facebook to share a photo of the sexagenarian minister and captioned it with satirical words.

Nyeri’s Minister for Youth

“‪Meet the new Minister for Youth in the Nyeri county government: 65-year-old Sheila Githaiga‬,” Larry Madowo captioned a photo of Sheila Githaiga.

Below are some of the comments from Kenyans posted on Larry’s post on Facebook:

Pita Kinya: On behalf of my fellow Nyeri brothers and sisters, with sadness in our heart, we disown her as youth minister, she’s no longer one of us, the kisii can have her as youth minister ….

Rosemary Adegor: This is a mockery to the youth. How on earth can you have someone whose only memory of condom is ” rough rider”. Not amused at all! Please give a post to younger and energised person who understands the current world. No offence to the old lady though!

Mwangi Governor Mpenda Amani: Wonders will never seize. Huyu.shosh.anapaswa kuwa anaenjoy retirement wonder youths hawana job.I thought this government would b different. Long our young madam minister

Juliana Gathoni: pple from nyeri ain’t complaining.but u are.seriouse Larry.i have seen lots of ur articles.wewe hufai kuvaa men’s clothes u need to dress like a woman.unaudaku saana.

Patrick Ndibui Muchi: We are busy fighting our people and abusing them.what is in a tribe?look at my county now,she was a youth over 30 yrs…hii nchi iuzwe tugawane…

MezaMwanza Jane: Since l was born everyone used to tell me study hard you are the next leader of tomorrow, when is this tomorrow?

Cedric Guya: Central Kenya is Full of Fools to allow such appointments. Other Counties are appointing Youths. They are appointing Grandmothers. MEDIOCRE

James Mwangi: The problem with Kenyans is ignorant and being psychopath to tribal gods,its ironical a 65 representing the youth, people will wakeup to realise their problems was politician whom they ran to for solutions,Shes a youth anyway cos 80yrs beth mugo also was nominated to represents toddlers in the senate,help us God

Ronny Mwirigi Karani: Who said minister of youth should should be a youth??……this is just like saying minister of agriculture should be a cow…..Or the children department should be headed by children..

Ladyboss Lynn: Good for her,, all Nyeri youths are lost in drinking from dawn to dusk, they are never sober to lead even a ward leave alone a county.

Heim Kuria: And when a section of the Youths from Nyeri rise to challenge this, some psycophants of the current political regime are up in arms defending her. Its a Youths Ministry come on people!

Jay Felix: With the likes of babu owino and jaguar setting bad example for youth, I think we need more of these shoshos around to mentor them. Actually every county should have at least one shosh, and maybe every party nominate one in parliament!

Pamela Kinyua: Hahahahaha,,, is it the same place a nominated MCA was walked out due to dressing code?? Isorait!!! Alafu niskie MTU akisema hapa ati Rao should retire!!! See your lives!!

Nandwa Thee IceArk Kenya: Ati Minister for youth yet she is too old to be Ministser for aged people,anyway if Robert Mugabe can be ambassador of goodwill then minister for youth its possible but only in Africa

Kariuki Jayn:Am from Nyeri County and am against this even though walitupilia mbali the Youths Petition ya kunyang’anya huyu shush hicho kiti..Isorait 2022 haiko mbali saaana..

Gunia Ya Minji: Halafu u find youths shouting “Uhuru tano tena” my friends, when will u start applying ua skills if grandmas are taking leadership roles? Mtscheeeeeeew! No reforms no elections!!! #feelingspeleka #nyeri

Pita Kinya: on behalf of Mt Kenya community, we know you love us so much to have dashed us a whole youthful minister like her, but thank you for your kind heart… We have Nairobi business community to deal with, we can’t accept anymore addition.. We kindly give him to our Masai family for free. We will add money on top if its allowed??

Elizabeth Auleria: maybe shes a youth at heart….. btw was that nominated mca badly dressed???? just because she was in a sleeveless blouse,atleast i now know arms have thighs n its bad manners to show the thighs of the arms???NYIRI people iko chida??

Michael Thorne: She should have been the Minister for Culture, Social Services, County Heritage, Women, yaani like Nyiva Mwendwa wakati wa Moi

Terry Wanjala Kemboi: The work of the youths is to fight and protect their “leaders” just like they are planning to do on 26th by voting and others will be throwing stones but they will never be appointed to such positions…its a big shame

Wangechi Mwangi: Maybe we would have nothing to learn from our fellow youth who are busy spreading hate on social media let the mature ones lead us. Am just wondering if Larry you were to get that docket what we would learn from you except for inciting people on social media.

Peter Macharia: Hii ni kucheswa…. someone confirm that it is true,,,i will become vocal on this as a youth from nyeri,,,we dont want to be leaders of tommorow ,,today is our day…

Jayne Mwakiri: Thot vijana are the leaders of tomorrow so wen will the tomorrow come if at 65 bado ni leaders what sport can she actually do??

Sylvia Kade: I think in this jubilee government we have seen all sorts of wonder. If they still want to rule,let the world just end… If there is no trumpet for angel Gabriel to blow,we can use vuvuzela

Francis Munene: Seriously..hapa youths mtalia.. Remember Sally Sambili in sports. She made one of the most stupid decisions about Nyayo stadium.

Erustus Githinji: My brother Pole Sana Nyeri County has no youths ….no has no youths who can take up such a job….despite the docket being preserved for the youth…. The best they could give was a 65 years old granny.
Kazi ya youths huku ni kupiga kura and joining the NYS cohorts in the Kazi kwa vijana shovel and slasher workstations….

Maze Mazilu: She is young at heart, don’t look at the physical and make judgment if anything she can put some sense kwa vijana wa nyeri, who knows maybe she is a vergin…


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