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Larry Madowo seriously warned after angry BBC rant 

August 11, 2020 at 15:34
Larry Madowo seriously warned after angry BBC rant 

Larry Madowo is one Kenyan journalist who has scaled the heights to bag International recognition, recently making his return to BBC from his studies engagement.

Tuesday, July 28, Larry bid the Kenyan motherland goodbye as he returned to reporting following his 1-year career break, but now as a US correspondent covering the Covid-19 pandemic in America.

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Larry Madowo back from his sabbatical leave

News that was welcomed with a fair share of warmth and coldness but either way, he remained grateful that he had made it this far.

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At first, he was shocked how the BBC would get an African to cover the American election but he tried his luck now that the offer was already on the table.

Seasoned Kenyan journalist, Larry Madowo

Days, weeks went by until recently when he confessed that BBC had erected barriers to prevent him from using some commonly offensive racist words in his news reports, to refer to someone who had publicly and unapologetically use the same word.

The BBC didn’t allow me, an actual black man, to use the N-word in an article when quoting an African American who used it.

BBC journalist, Larry Madowo

This was after the BBC boss, Tony Hall recently apologized for a news report from their end containing racial slur that was broadcast and ended up offensive.

Larry had one question:

… a white person was allowed to say it ON TV because it was ‘editorially justified’..[why?]

You already know where I am headed, Kenyans did not spare him wisdom and their timeless advise.

But either way, the bottom line was that the derogatory word should never be used by anyone regardless, in the first place.


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