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Larry Madowo’s freak accident proves cycling is a deathtrap for journalists (Photos)

March 12, 2018 at 07:28
Larry Madowo's freak accident proves cycling is a deathtrap for journalists (Photos)

Larry Madowo was rushed to hospital over the past weekend after being involved in an accident. The NTV anchor is however not the first TV personality to be involved in such kind of accident.

Larry broke his arm while he was cycling. He was rushed to Aga Khan University Hospital on Saturday morning following the accident.

“Check out my hot new arm accessory after a trip to the ER for a bad fall while cycling. I’ll be rocking this baby everywhere,” Larry Madowo posted on social media.

Larry Madowo recuperating at Aga Khan hospital

Similar fate

Larry usually rides a bicycle along Southern Bypass. He cycles the entire 28 km Southern Bypass from the junction of Mombasa Road interchange at Ole Sereni Hotel to Kikuyu town.

Larry Madowo poses for a photo in Kikuyu town

The 28 km has however proved to be a deathtrap for cyclists. In October 2017 KTN’s Dennis Onsarigo was nearly killed while cycling along Southern Bypass.

Onsarigo was almost smashed by a speeding truck. The KTN investigative journalist was also rushed to Aga Khan Hospital where he underwent a 6-hour surgery.

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Dennis Onsarigo recuperating at Aga Khan hospital in October 2017



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