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“The last thing I wanna hear is that lady’s name” Rayvanny done with Mishi Dorah’s games

March 30, 2017 at 08:29

Wasafi record’s singer, Rayvanny is now regretting having fallen into a thirsty woman’s trap. Well, having hooked up with Mishi Dorah is now costing him especially because the lady cannot keep her mouth shut as she moves from blog to blog talking about how she smashed the young man, so I hear.

Anyway, Rayvanny seems fed up with the vibe as he recently revealed that he is tired of hearing stories from that woman (Mishi Dorah). According to Rayvanny this lady is out to ruin his reputation and as far as he is concerned he does not want to talk about her.

Mishi Dorah

Mishi Dorah

The young singer said this during an interview with Global publishers TZ who were also hoping he would shed some light on the rumours making rounds on social media about his hooking up with an older woman.

He however brushed off the story saying that Mishi’s plan is to ruin his name and of that is what she wants…then he can do nothing about it.

I don’t want to talk about this woman at all, because as I can see her plan is to ruin my name. There is a time I came to Kenya and I was told about her, again back home the story is the same. I have nothing to say because if someone decides to ruin your name you can say nothing about it.


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