‘Lazima Akuwe Na Pesa’- Kelvin Kinuthia Reveals What He’s Looking For In A Partner, Regardless Of Their Gender

After announcing he’s single and searching, popular cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia has received several proposals from both men and women to be his ‘prayer partner’. Kinuthia took to his Instagram to announce he’s tired of being single. However, what has roped in some ambivalent reactions is whether he’s looking for a male or female.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, he explained the type of person he wants, but didn’t specify the gender;

”Niko sokoni kabisa kabisa. Lazima tunaingia soko na full force. Mimi niko sokoni vibaya sana. Sina qualifications mingi lakini ya kwanza ikue tu pesa. Mimi ukikuja tu na pesa niivo. Ata usiulize mara ya pili. Usipokuwa na pesa hii dunia unafanya nini? Miaka ya kutafuta tuliacha uko nyuma. Saa hizi ni zile zenye ziko.”

When asked if he wants a man or a woman, he responded;

”Ndio maana nilisema mtu. Ni mtu yoyote tu. Na nikimpata nitawatolea soon. Lazima tuende Mombasa na Bonfire. Lazima tutaenda baecation”

Popular cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia-Google

Kinuthia not specifying his preference has bamboozled many netizens, but both genders have definitely slid into his DM. At one time, he divulged about a man who was hitting on him but turned him down after finding out he was a dude! I mean, this guy would literally confuse you to think he’s a chick. He goes to the salon and gets better braids than your ordinary girlfriend.

Either way, Kinuthia is not choosy when it comes to gender; just have money, a lot of it; and he’ll be ready & willing to listen.

Watch his full interview below;

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