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Lazy producers are hurting the local music industry

September 03, 2019 at 16:38
Motif Di Don

I’ve always held Motif Di Don in high regard until recently when news emerged that he had, for lack of a better word, copy pasted the beat for Ethic’s latest jam titled Figa.

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The beat maker, who is behind hits such as Ipepete, Dondosha and Kiboko by Masauti, Ethic’s Pandana and several songs by Khaligraph Jones, has really disgraced himself.

If you listen to the beat for the original song titled Cono, you’ll notice that there is little difference with Figa. In my opinion, there’s none at all. Zilch!

Granted, Motif might have modified the beat but I still find it interesting because Ethic parted with a large sum of money for work that was largely copy pasted.

Ethic Figa


This incident got me thinking about Kenyan producers and how lazy they are. Truth is, there are many who have done something like this before and they were not caught.

Such actions are really hurting the local music industry because the person who stands to lose the most at the end of the day is the artist and not the producer.

Ethic must have spent a lot of money shooting the video for Figa and marketing it only for it to be pulled down after it had clocked 3 million views.

Previously, producers could get away with copyright issues because songs were largely confined analogue TV and radio.

However, with the digital revolution, it means that producers won’t be able to do this anymore because once you put a song out someone will definitely notice.

Motif Di Don with Ethic's Swat Mtoto wa Eunice

Motif Di Don with Ethic’s Swat Mtoto wa Eunice


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