“Learn to respect your man” Eve Mungai advised after embarrassing bae, Trevor during interview


Eve Mungai has given fans a reason to talk with the latest interview uploaded on her YouTube channel. Well, unlike the happy days when they (fans) congratulate her for a job well done – this time around it was more of like ‘Gurl the money  you’re making is changing you.’

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Mungai Eve and bae, Director Trevor

This conclusion was made after hearing how she shamed her bae, Trevor for his hair during the interview and as if this wasn’t enough – she went on to call him out for being a careless spender who cannot account for his money. Whaaaat!

True story – and what’s surprising is that despite having said all that on camera – she still uploaded the clip for others to watch. I mean there’s no negative publicity right?

Fans encourage Trevor to stand up for himself

Well, they say the happiest relationships face the toughest challenges but in Mungai Eve and Trevor’s case fans feel that this is more of a power struggle issue – now that fame and money is involved.

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As seen in the comment section fans not only expressed their disappointed in Mungai Eve for publicly embarrassing Trevor – and since the video was even uploaded on her page some claim she has a toxic trait. But again, it’s the fans who felt this way.

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