Legendary hip hop star Cannibal addresses claims he got saved for the lure of money in Kenyan gospel industry

Ralph Sandal Masai famously known as Cannibal got saved a year ago after more than a decade in the secular world. Cannibal is being accused by some people of ditching the secular world for the lure of money in gospel industry.

The born again rapper addressed the claims during an interview with Lady Bee, also a former secular songbird turned gospel singer.

“Nimeambiwa ati jamaa amebadilisha imani kwa sababu ya kakitu. Watu wanongea ongea lakini am not here for the money, am here for the word and gospel. Kwa sababu maandiko pia yanasema seek ye first the kingdom of God and all shall be added unto you. So first am on the kingdom, I want to manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit because that is priceless,” said Cannibal.


Lost election

In a past interview, Cannibal said that losing an election accelerated his decision to get saved. The rapper was vying for MCA seat in Mtopanga Ward, Mombasa county in the 2017 general election.

Cannibal also claimed that his opponents used witchcraft to defeat him. He wished he could have been saved when he vied for the seat.

” Noting how popular I was at the grass root level, my opponents used it against me and it kind of worked to their advantage. I wish I had gotten saved by then, they wouldn’t have stood a chance,” said Cannibal.




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