Lessons we hope Denis Okari will teach Betty Kyallo about marriage

Apparently Betty Kyallo has been trying to mend the fences with Denis Okari. Why this a significant step, especially with the recent public tiffs they have had, should be clear for all to see but I will enumerate.

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The couple who share a daughter as the fruit of their brief but passionate love was recently in the headlines with Betty Kyallo’s sister attacking Denis Okari through a post aimed at his friend, Ken Mijungu. Actually, this was a good example of a proxy war, with Denis Okari having his say through Ken and Betty Kyallo having her say through her sister.

Betty Kyallo

And that exchange left their already strained relationship (as evidenced by the exchange) even more acrimonious. But then recently, in 2020, Betty Kyallo simply stated that whenever she gets drunk, she drunk-dials her exes. And then, add to this the fact that she recently revealed she talks to Denis Okari about their daughter so perhaps he will be able to reach her mind and convince her of the following truths about marriage:

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Stop trying to upgrade

Pick a man who satisfies your hypergamy and be sated. Stop getting swayed by governors and businessmen. When you decide to settle down and a man picks you, accept whom you have and should the notion to stray strike you, have the common sense to be discreet. Speaking of discretion…

betty kyallo posing

Keep your private life private

Betty Kyallo has one major flaw: she is always putting her private affairs out in public. It makes sense for her to want to publicize her brand because she is a public figure but she should learn what deserves to remain private. Her love life and her daughter do. I once heard on a show on Kiss100, some guy say, “There is a difference between secrecy and privacy. Secrecy locks the demons in, privacy locks the demons out”.
Betty Kyallo should learn to keep what she loves and wants to protect, private.

Betty Kyallo takes new stand on marriage after recent meeting with Dennis Okari (Video)

Learn to be homely

Betty Kyallo from whispers in the entertainment scene is anything but a quiet lass. She is a party girl who loves the ritz and glitz of the nightlife. These rumours remain just that but even her househelp came out and accused her of going missing from her home and house for weekend benders. Betty should begin to calm down and enjoy homely pursuits because at the end of the day, while women control sex and who has access to it, men control relationships and who has access to it. And guess what, most Kenyan men will want a semblance of traditionalism in their marriage.

Ms Betty Kyallo

Time is not on your side

Betty Kyallo is not a spring chicken no more. And it is time she faces this reality. AShe isn’t as attractive as she remembers and cannot attract the same calibre of men as she used to. Add to this the fact that she had a very public and messy divorce that featured prominent infidelity allegations against her person and she also has a child in tow. Like it or not, these are the sort of things that alienate men seeking serious relationships.
And she isn’t getting any younger. So if she manages to land a successful man, she should be cognizant of the time trap.

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Drop your lofty standards

As we said earlier, Betty Kyallo isn’t a spring chicken nor the pick of the litter any more. Yes, she has dated the ultimate in men’s men from governors to businessmen and top-billed journalists but she isn’t at the point in her life where any of these men would have her as their first option. She was not the governor’s first pick and I would argue that she wouldn’t be the businessmen’s first or only pick. As a result, she needs to get realistic about her “standards”.

Work on healing yourself

Betty Kyallo needs to actually heal herself. This would involve forgiving herself and more importantly, accepting herself. If her former best friend Susan Kaittany is to be believed, Betty Kyallo needs to take some time off of the limelight and retrospect on her life. This will ensure she actually lands a healthy relationship with a balanced man and that when she has this, she will know to appreciate and value said relationship even though it will be more boring than the highs (and lows) of being the superstar.


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