Let Go Of That Man If He Doesn’t Add Value To Your Life- Kamene Goro Advices Women

Normalizing on letting some things go is definitely something that should be embraced. Most people tend to hold on to things that drain them and end up not being happy. Well, if you’re this kind of person, you should heed to Kamene Goro’s advice about letting go of things which are meaningless and add no value to your life.

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Kamene’s Advice

As she turned 29 years old on Wednesday, Kamene has advised women to normalize letting go of some things. Speaking on Kiss Fm, the exquisite and curvy radio presenter said,

”And I told myself, moving on to this next phase of my life, I’m not going to carry that which does not add value to my life or that stresses me. I don’t want to have conversations about complaining…

If you ever find yourself in a position where you’re complaining about something, babe, let’s normalize letting it go…

That which does not add value to your life or make you happy baby girl, let it go. Let go of those friends, let go of that man, let go of that situation… Let go of that job. Life is short. Live, stop existing.”

Kamene is definitely practicing what she preaches. Letting go of men doesn’t seem to be an issue for her as she has dated several men and is enjoying the single life. Don’t let go of your job though; I dis-agree on this.

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