Let us appreciate Bahati’s courage

Kenyans are busy mocking Bahati for his failure to clinch the Mathare Member of Parliament seat but I am one of the few who think we need to celebrate his courage.

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You see, the cry-baby crooner had a dream and boy was it a bold dream. He wanted to become an MP so he could improve the lives of the constituents of the area he grew up in.

Bahati’s bitter political career

So he decided to put his money where his mouth is and Bahati put his name on the ballot as a contestant for the seat. That is a huge feat. he was fighting against established politicians and even the powers that be within his own party of choice did not want him on the ticket.

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Still, he soldiered on. Even as Kenyans mocked him for the dogged pursuit of his goal, he kept at it with no fear and no shame. He was insulted and even his woman became the target of ridicule and derision.

Even though we watched him get bullied, we remained silent and refused to condemn his bullies because we are myopic people. We are a small-minded people. We still have not realised that his actions demystified politics and he could very well have opened the door for Kenyan politics to become even more inclusive. Bahati is a no-name, no experience political aspirant spurred on by nothing more than great intentions.

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He has essentially blown the door wide open for young Kenyans who have a dream of making their people’s lives better through providing development and policies that encourage it.

Instead, Kenyans have left him high and dry. I mean, I can understand that his constant crying is off-putting but the key here is to think about the greater good. And that would have been to call out his bullies.

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Bahati has shown a young man sitting somewhere in Nairobi that it is possible to pursue political power. he has shown a young lady still in university that she can vie for a parliamentary seat and it’s possible for her to be a threat and even win.

All they need is the courage to do what Bahati has shown them is possible.

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