‘Let’s Be More Honest With Each Other’- Size 8, DJ Mo Re-Kindle Their Love With Luxurious Vacation (Video)

Image: DJ Mo and Size 8 argue about baby number 3

Famous gospel disc jockey Samuel Muraya (DJ Mo) and his wife Size 8 are enjoying baecation’ at Zanzibar with an aim of rer-kindling their friendship in marriage. Their vacation was expedited by the fact that they were not in talking terms a few days ago.

The two sweethearts had opened up about how tough their marriage has been over the years. As a matter of fact, Size 8 has walked out of their marriage a couple of times, citing disrespect and tiredness in the marriage. She shared the reason for her latest walk-out via YouTube;

”People are asking, is it true mama Wambo leaved her house? Did you run away from DJ Mo’s matrimonial home? Yes, I did. I ran away and I was very angry at DJ Mo. Alikuwa amenikosea… I just needed some space to breathe. And just talk to God. I believe when my emotions are so high and we’re on the same roof tutaongeleshana vibaya. I had to just go.”

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Re-Kindled Love

The two sweethearts were taken on vacation courtesy of Bonfire Adventures with the Okoa Ndoa package, to amicably sort out their differences. They both connoted the importance of faithfulness in marriage.

”Faithfulness is a big thing in marriage because everything in marriage builds on it. When you are faithful to your partner, it gives them an upper hand to actually trust you better. It also makes you feel closer to them…”

And from their shared vacation video, it’s needless to say that they’ve definitely sorted their predicments.

Watch the full video below;

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