LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

Image: Former Capital FM presenter, Anita Nderu

Tolerance and support of the LGBTQ movement are what your favourite celebrity is beginning to lean towards. It is the new movement to back if you’re down with Nairobi’s exclusive clique of influencers and celebrities. Simply put, if you’re down with the “it clique” then you’re down for the alphabet fight.

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We have seen celebs who were previously only rumoured to be gay come out of the closet in their own way and fashion to declare their preference and leanings and we all saw them declare that 2022 is the “year of authenticity”. We then were treated to seeing our favourite influencers (the new name for socialites) and celebs alike come out to vociferously declare their support for the movement. Yay, I guess.


But this is nothing new nor is it anything but a transitory fad. Before this was mental health and before that was “femicide”. These were all the must-know buzzwords and lingo to add to your social media captions for you to seem like you were hip and with it. And just like with those bygone words, LGBTQ will find themselves used up and dumped (as a cause) without there ever having been any lasting change for the better in their lives or their cause.

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What do I mean? Well, remember when every Nairobi celeb was busy running at the mouth about mental health and just how important it is for us to take care of the same? Remember when everyone was reminding each other to “unplug” and actually take care of themselves? To check up on each other and ensure you let your friends know that they are doing alright? Well, that energy quickly ran out didn’t it?

Ms Anita Nderu

What about when every trendy influencer and celeb was exercising their Twitter fingers talking about the perceived plague that was femicide? Apparently, men everywhere were walking around in droves looking for females to “delete”. And now, it is about showing support and concern for members of the LGBTQ but unfortunately, it is all just a grift. It is a con.

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And that is why people such as Anita Nderu are talking about this. It is cool for a woman to “come out” and declare their membership in the lipstick lesbian lip-lock but as soon as a man comes around showing their interest in them, these lipstick lesbians quite the lip-lock and make away like a bandit! That is why Anita Nderu courted controversy with her show that celebrated her orientation then quickly got into a relationship, engagement and eventually marriage that is heterosexual.

Anita Nderu with mzungu husband

I mean, come on, at some point, we have to call out the charlatans because they hurt the cause. Human beings, hell, Kenyans will forgive and even tolerate you for being true to your authentic self (we might brand you as peculiar and take the occasional verbal jab at you) but we do not tolerate hypocrites.

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The Anita Nderus of the movement make everything out to seem like a cheap stunt. The LGBTQ is about more than a feeling that is hip today. It is about a literal battle to live and be at peace for a lot of Kenyans -whether or not you support the cause this is true. But when the vapid “cool kid” influencers and celebs are pushing the fight, do not expect anything other than chic photo-ops and cool music videos.

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