LGBTQ member Maxwell Mwamburi warns Kenyans about gay sponsors

The Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Queer Plus community member Maxwell Mwamburi, who goes by Maxine Mkamburi, is now advising people to stay away from sponsors.

Sponsors are frequently older, married individuals with money (wababaz) or women (wamama) who ‘search’ for younger sexual partners and spend money on them; hence, the term ‘blessers’.

Mwamburi issued a lengthy statement today urging people to avoid blessers “as much as you possibly can” in an unexpected change of events.

“As someone who’s been there, done that, avoid sugar daddies and moms as much as you possibly can. These people have achieved life and have seen it all and they are in their point of life where they want loyalty to say the least. They are perpetually on the offensive when it comes to setting their record straight with regard to their motives. Their controlling and manipulative nature shuns the grey zones of compromise and their decided idealism is incapable of accepting defeat especially in the slightest of an argument or disagreement…”

He also advised sugar babies to use their sponsors’ money wisely and to save it rather than asking them to open stores or purchase them cars.

“…especially if you don’t have experience in any field of business you wanna venture into yet. Coz guess what, you will make losses babe. Take your time and do research. How many big socialites rushed to open spas and now they silently collapsed? Let everyone’s case study by a lesson to everyone else!”

His opinions primarily run counter to the LGBT socialite lifestyle he has been presenting on social media. Mwamburi focused heavily on marketing the soft lifestyle supported by sponsors last year.

Even during question-and-answer sessions, he would give advice on where to go in the city to meet affluent men, how ladies should dress and act to draw in and keep the men, and what kind of lifestyle they should lead afterwards.

Mwamburi often boasted that he had a wealthy, older, married boyfriend who treated him like a queen.

He said that their first date took place at the Villa Rosa Kempinski and that his man lavished money and expensive gifts on him, including a car.

Additionally, he said that Mwamburi was his boyfriend, who was a prominent government official who was married but still living in the closet and whose wife was aware of their relationship.

However, Mwamburi twice contradicted himself, claiming that he had no such relationship and then afterwards gushing about how lavish his boyfriend had been with him.

In order to restart his companies, Mwamburi has since left Nairobi and moved to Mombasa, alleging that life in Nairobi was too fast-paced and hectic for him compared to Mombasa. Whether the relocation occurred before or after the breakdown of his relationship with his “Dzaddy” is uncertain.

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