LGBTQ Or Not, No Kind Of Relationship Is Safe

Stereotypically, the rainbow peeps are often seen as peculiar in the community. Some of it’s members have come out to publicly confess that they’re gay; while others decide to keep their sexual orientation under wraps. Either way, there’s no turning back for those who are already in the public space for their orientation.

Recently, celebrated model and LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba was brutally murdered; reportedly by his ‘best friend’ Jackton Odhiambo. The talented photographer told the police he murdered the LGBTQ activist for cheating on him.

Jackton is suspected to have had the help of his two other friends in the murder, before stashing the body in a metallic box and later dumping the decomposing body along Kapsaret-Kipkenyo road.

Jackton is said to have been in a relationship with Chiloba, his close friend, but “felt betrayed” after ending the relationship.

Jackton Odhiambo Admits to Killing Edwin Chiloba Beacause of Cheating on Him

The Kenya LGBTQ Feminist Forum in western Kenya, where Chiloba lived, said he had used “fashion to deconstruct gender and advocate for the rights of the marginalised group”.

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Nowhere To Run

While some people revert into gayism as an option after breaking up, it’s needless to say that the relationships are proving to be the same either way. In regular relationships, cheating is not new; and the same has manifested itself when it comes to Rainbow love. Similarly, violent partners are found in both kinds of relationships. The only possible solution is finding a reasonable & loving partner.


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