“He was like, I am out!” Betty Kyallo narrates how she was dumped

Even pretty women like Betty Kyallo have been dumped and probably felt desperate or rather annoyed that one guy can leave you feeling like your whole world has come down crashing without even a ‘Notice.’

The renown news anchor recently opened up about her high school boyfriend that dumped her a few months after she was involved in an accident that left her face scarred.

Speaking during an interview with KU TV, Kyallo opened up about the accident that happened to her back in 2003 when still in High School and went on to talk about her high school sweetheart that left her hanging. She said,

“It happened in 2003 I was in form 3. You can imagine you are 17 years and you loose half of your face. It was really devastating….I was in hospital for about 2 and a half months, I went through 7 surgeries because my ribs and jaw were broken.”

She went on to talk about the reason why her boyfriend dumped her back in high school and why she never took it the wrong way.

” I remember the guy I was dating that time in high school… he dumped me…he left,..I mean it’s life…I don’t blame him..imagine your pretty chic all of a sudden she is not pretty… Half of her face is a scar.”

So far she is still rolling solo and does not seem interested in settling down now that her marriage with Dennis Okari is done.

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