Lil NasX parallels: Looking forward to the storm Chimano will kick up

Chimano has released a brand new song that is very interesting. The guy has released a brand new song that does what he enjoys doing: teasing Lil Nas X vibes and I have to say that I really enjoy it when he does this because of two reasons -the first being that he seems to be having a lot of fun and the second that he gives me content to talk about.

So if you don’t know what I am talking about, allow me to elucidate. The baritone voiced singer released a song called Friday Feeling that is an electro slash disco jam with a very bright and colourful music video that has his entire cast (which includes a lot of very rainbow flaunting cameos) dancing and gyrating in -let’s just say- suggestive ways.

Another hint from Chimano

I can already imagine the furore the video has raised in certain circles that aren’t too familiar with the rather loud whispers about Chimano’s orientation. Guys like former Kenya Film Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, must have been rendered apoplectic when they saw the video (if he has). And indeed, some of the comments with regards to the video have been right in the vein of what you would expect from a country as conservative as Kenya.

Although he also had supporters of his art:

And this is why I am so excited about the song, its video and the album for which it is the lead single. Chimano is going to force Nairobians to have a very uncomfortable debate that is very necessary. I say Nairobians because anyone who has spent a significant amount of time outside the expat and pretentious quasi-intelligentsia circles of Nairobi knows that Kenya is still firmly conservative.

However, homosexuals are human beings and like everyone on God’s green earth, they deserve respect and dignity. They deserve their rights to be maintained and upheld. So this tees off a fight between the more conservative religious circles in Nairobi and the LGBTQ cohort that is demanding to be seen and respected. And this is a very powerful rallying call for them that Chimano has inadvertently begun to not only champion but captain their cause.

Sauti Sol’s Chimano introduces curvaceous sister that will leave many drooling (Photos)

He, however, has not come out to claim the flag. He is still very coy and playful about making a stand and saying whether or not he is gay. That is up to him and until he comes out of the proverbial closet (if indeed he is in one), no one should ever try to put him in a box and claim him to be one way or another.

Chimano in the garden of Eden giving Eve a run for her money!

Still, the nuance of his latest music submission is that he has taken a side and that is that. See how duality works? He is now the face for the LGBTQ community. And I get it, the rumours had already firmly put him into the bracket but now he is their face. So now people will use his behaviour as a barometer for homosexuality. His face will be the one anti-homosexual factions target.

Whatever the case may be and wherever he stands, one thing is certain, we are in for some very interesting conversations.

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