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Lilian Muli finally reveals her other side…the only side that gives her peace(PHOTOS)

March 31, 2017 at 09:16
Lilllian Muli

Lillian Muli is experiencing existential disorientation (whatever that means) and for that she has gone to seek refuge.

Not in some far away destination somewhere in the Caribbean like most TV girls but right here in Ukambani. Apparently the expensive wigs short dresses and big cars mean little nothing to her what mostly tickles her inner being and brings forth her true self is the Kao in her.

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Bet you never saw that coming!

Whenever she’s feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, all she does is go back to Ocha and everything feels right again; she finds therapy.

“Slowing down, connecting with nature and my roots and learning more about its ways. planting my mental feet firmly in the real world. whenever I experience existential disorientation therapy is right here. Shagz my roots.” She posted on her instagram before sharing these photos:

Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli


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