Lilian Muli finally speaks after her alleged lover came out to deny her in public…this is sad

Did he only want her for his own selfish carnal pleasures and then make a dash for it when things start to get serious?

Ever since Lilian Muli’s nasty break up with her husband Kanene, it automatically became the public’s obligation to single out a suitor for her.

Lilian Muli

If she made the slightest mistake of smiling at any man, it was automatically assumed that the two were involved romantically.

It happened with Nairobi business man Ben 1 and it’s happening again with Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevaton. Surprisingly this time Lilian Muli was the designated driver in steering this narrative when she posted a series of photos of them getting cozy.

She later deleted them but not before people took screenshots.

Soon after Jared talked about the issue on the star where he claimed the two were just friends and nothing more.

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And a day later, Lilian Muli posts this:


Could he have hit and made a run for it?



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