Lilian Muli hints possible exit from toxic relationship with baby daddy

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli has really changed! Looking back before her pregnancy the news anchor was all about happiness and often attracted positive energy even on social media.

However after meeting her current partner and even had a second baby; Lilian Muli has become the lady with the ‘wise relationship advices on Instagram’.

If her posts are not about ‘self worth,’ then they are about ‘staying positive’ and believe me you; we can always tell when all is not well.

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Lilian Muli with her community husband, Jared Nevaton

Choosing love over hate

Anyway thanks to a new post shared by the Lilian, we now believe that she could have finally called it quits with her second borns father!

This after sharing yet another detailed post talking about people who hurt others intentionally. She goes on to remind her followers that the world will always give you the same energy you give it!

Through her Instagram page the mother of 2 wrote;

The world will give you back the energy you give it. Are you constantly angry? Whining? Jealous? Insecure? Spiteful? Controlling?That’s what will become your reality. Things won’t work out and all that negativity will translate into actual chaos in your own life.

Who hurt Lilian?

From her post, you can clearly see that these are the words of a broken woman. She goes on to add;

Lilian Muli throws shade at stalker

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Don’t hurt people knowingly or intentionally because they may have the power to hurt you even deeper; and maybe you’re not as strong as you think. Hurt people Hurt people. I haven’t gotten to this realisation easily I had my moments which eventually made me hit the wall.

But after putting up with so much negativity, hatred and fear Miss Muli says she;

Now I choose peace over chaos; I choose joy over sorrow; I choose Love over hate; I choose courage over fear.Life is for the Living! Be present and claim your reality. ❤❤❤

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