Lilian Muli is an example of why you must never take Kenyan celeb advice seriously

Image: Lilian Muli with her community husband, Jared Nevaton

Lilian Muli is busy sharing relationship advice that basically attacks an unnamed but easily identifiable man whom she feels took her for granted and refused to give her the “happily ever after” she feels she is due.

“If you promote a man who is not ready to be a husband, then you have to struggle” Lilian Muli advice to Singles

Whenever she shares romantic advice, it is to encourage women not to fall for slick-tongued men who simply are out to collect notch-counts on their bedposts. Never mind that she is a woman at the cusp of mid-life who cannot identify men who just want a quick and convenient lay or a situation at best especially given her experience at love with a failed relationship. It’s almost as if in her case, the experience was wasted.

lilian muli with jared nevaton

When you read her diatribe about the man in question, it is often blistering and accusatory in nature. And given she had in the past accused her new baby daddy, Jared Nevaton of being a community husband, we can only assume she has been talking about some other man.

Anyway, if you base your decisions on her, you will find that she is actually misleading people with her speech. Watch what she does, not what she says because while you are being advised to dig in for a battle with your significant other, while you are being advised to antagonize that young man trying to date you with outlandish standards and demands that you yourself do not merit, Lilian Muli is busy co-parenting with Jared Nevaton and she looks happy as her youngest son grow us with both parents involved.

That would mean that she is is busy trying to give her son by Jared Nevaton the opportunity to grow up with his father in his life yet her advice is usually for women not to settle for “community husbands” without also advising them to still allow those same men to have a relationship with their offspring.

Lilian Muli should now accept to become a co-wife

So you who likes to base your decisions on what celebs in similar situations to yours are doing are only playing yourselves and depriving your loved ones of wholesome lifes.


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