Lilian Muli left excited like a little kid after these two people visited her before she delivers 

Lilian Muli’s second baby is on the way and a lot of guys have been visiting her or just checking up to see how she’s doing.

It seems however, two childhood friends she lost contacts with long ago decided to pay her a rather surprise visit, a thing that left her more than excited. It meant so much.

Keep your childhood friends

She took to Instagram to ask her fans to always maintain that bond with her childhood friends.

“My childhood friends Ciru and Njeri visited me over the weekend. I was sad that we all grew up and went separate ways…sometimes didn’t speak for years; but as we spoke I realized some bonds cannot be broken by time spent apart,” said Muli in the post.

She went on

“It’s sad that we subconsciously forget those who were there from the beginning to accommodate newcomers who are only there because they like what the finished product looks like. Remember your childhood friends; they were there when you were a work in progress and they Loved you just as you were. It’s beautiful to make new friends in every season of our lives but they should never take the place of those that knew us and appreciated us when the Potter was still working on us.”

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