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Lilian Muli’s alleged young boyfriend finally revealed (Photos)

January 17, 2022 at 10:35
Lilian Muli’s alleged young boyfriend finally revealed (Photos)

For the past few months Lilian Muli has been flaunting her boyfriend’s arm on her stories; probably to just make it known that she is currently dating a new man – especially with her previous relationships not working.

This being a new man, the Citizen TV anchor made sure to use it all the time since I mean, we couldn’t tell whether it’s a download, politician; or somebody’s else’s bae hence making her fans quite curious.

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Lilian shares romantic photo

Anyway, if you have been wondering who the man is – looks like we finally have an answer to this question; but the surprising bit is that turns out the guy is actually young, a very good friend of Bahati (oh wait he bought Diana iphone 13.)

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Lilian Muli dating Jimmy Ngechu?

Well judging from the clip Lilian Muli shared on her page, one can see that she is seated on the co-drivers seat while Jimmy Ngechu drives  with some of their friends at the back seat.

From what we can tell is that Jimmy May have taken Ms Muli and friends to Naivasha for her birthday; and being one who likes to show off – Mama Boys couldn’t help but share videos of the trip.

Anyway, what seems to have sold the guy out – is the huge full arm tattoo he has; and just like that, fans finally discovered the man believed to be dating Ms Muli.

However, isn’t he guy about Bahati’s age? But si ni life?

Below are some few photos of Jimmy showing the same tattoo pattern Ms Muli paraded on her gram just a few hours ago.

Jimmy Ngechu



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