Lilian Muli´s blunt exposé on the plight of the girl child goes viral (Screenshot)

Society seems to have come up with a way to define the ´ideal´ African woman.

With attributes penned to the character and traits a woman displays, her role in the family and her background which greatly determines whether she is deserving of a man and a home.

It makes you wonder: Who is to be the judge? Can man question fellow man? Is there like a benchmark of what makes a woman fully respected and her work acknowledged in society?

Questions for thought.

Popular Kenyan TV journalist, Lilian Muli has given her two cents on what certain categories of women have been painted as, in today´s day and age.

Celebrated TV personality, Lilian Muli

The list

Titled ´Being a Woman´ the bubbly TV girl openly explained how for most divorced women, society would look at her as someone who can´t keep a man.

Ironically, for those that lack children in their marriage are considered barren while for women who endlessly bear children are termed ´vision-less and lacking self control´.


Divorcée : She can’t keep a man
Raped: What was she wearing?
Childless in Marriage: She is barren
Fertile in Marriage: She lacks, vision and self control, she wants to make their son a pauper.

Citizen TV prime time anchor, Lilian Muli

For the single mothers, they are ´wayward´ while for the popularly embraced financially independent women, society believes they are ´spoilt, bossy and lacking of humility´.

Childless in Spinsterhood: She has had countless abortions.
Single Mother: She is loose or ‘wayward’. Many women will do anything to keep him.
Rich and Independent: She is a ‘Runs Girl’
Bore a non conformist / somewhat difficult child: It is all the mother’s fault because she spoils him.
She speaks her mind: She is bossy and too proud.

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Let´s move on to the kinds who remain unmarried in their late age – 30s or 40s who are tagged ´irresponsible´ but for those already married, they are considered ´subordinate´ to their husbands.

Bubbly TV girl, Lilian Muli

Wait! Really?

Unmarried in her 30s/40s: She is irresponsible.
Married: She is her husband’s property and has no right to have an independent thought or opinion.

Let´s move on to women married to cheating husbands who are accused to be the ones at fault and for those who stand up and walk away from their marriages, they cannot allow ´submission´ just like their mothers.

Cheating spouse: Its her fault. She must’ve done something wrong somewhere. She made him do it.
Separated: She is out of control, socially maladjusted and ungovernable. Probably like her mother.
Widow: she didn’t mourn her late husband properly.
Domestic Abuse: What did the woman do? Her mouth is too sharp, she doesn’t know how to talk. She doesn’t submit.

The list goes on and on but who has decided what a woman should be or how she should behave?

Comment section

A true revelation that sparked mixed reactions from both her male and female fans some feeling remorseful for the girl child, others brushing off the reality.

rey_wambui Whoever will say all this to a woman is sadly, a fellow woman ???? woman’s greatest enemy is a woman????


syombuaosiany Oh Siiiis!! This is so on point. I feel for #GirlChild FEMINIST TO THE CORE ????????????

Eish madaaaaaam, walk on us we are your carpet????…you look gorgeous babe ❤️

wangigi_People will always judge,do you????
kadacyiah Why we should all be feminists by chimamanda ngozi adichie we all have to watch that clip or read the book …lilian keep up , thanks for the wisdom
nellydannine Well said ????
doreen_obanda How the world works
tephy_achapa This is deep!!!????

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