Lilian Muli’s message to people who take advantage of others will leave you thinking about your life

Lilian Muli has started a new show on Viusasa called “Pregnant with Lilian” to detail some of the difficulties women face when pregnant and some tricks they can pull to make things easier.

It seems some are not happy with her new venture and have been posting harsh comments on her social media with them claiming that she’s using her pregnancy to stay relevant.

Forced to fire back

In her career, Muli has been attacked uncountable times by Kenyans and in most cases she has opted to ignore them all. This time however, she took to social media to collectively answer people who have been hating on her new show.

Lilian Muli

“Some people out here desperately trying to get hits or gain relevance by maligning others names. Build your own Brand don’t use others sweat to get to the top you will never get there that way! Actually think of it this way it’s the person you are writing about that people are interested in not you! How about you get a life then write about yours. But then again I wonder if anyone would even be interested in reading about a person as toxic as you…yawn it would be piriton overdose.” she said.


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