Lilian Ng’ang’a reveals how ex, Alfred Mutua recently tried to buy her love with expensive gifts

Image: Lilian Ng’ang’a

It’s now official that Lilian Ng’ang’a wants nothing to do with Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua. Like it’s over and there is no way she is willing to get back with him.

Exes Governor Mutua with Lilian Ng’ang’a

Of course this is obvious since she already has a new man, Juliani who seems to have brought out the sunshine in her. With the new found love, it’s clear to see that both Lilian and Juliani are walking on cloud 9; or rather tiptoeing since the Governor refuses to accept defeat.

According to Lilian Ng’ang’a she hasn’t had it easy for the past few weeks thanks to her ex, Alfred who has been threatening both her and lover, Juliani.

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In a new post shared on her Instagram page, Lilian made it known that there have threats made towards her life and if anything was to happen to her – then Mutua should be blamed.

Tactics used to lure her back

In yet another different post directed to those claiming Lilian Ng’ang’a was a materialistic woman, she goes on to list some of the expensive gifts offered to her by the Governor as he hoped to win her back.

Nganga says that the Governor recently offered her some expensive gifts which she turned down, a perfect example which proves that she isn’t materialistic as many things. Ms Ng’ang’a wrote;

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Governor Mutua with ex girlfriend, Lilian Ng’ang’a

and for all those whose only attack line is material things;

  1. Alfred bought me a new car 2 months ago. I returned it to the dealer.
  2. He offered to buy me a new house, support me financially, get me a job etc. I declined.
  3. He offered me a white wedding. I declined.

Value yourselves. Attack people when you have truths.

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