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Lilian Nganga speaks on blended family & relationship with Juliani’s baby mama

September 30, 2022 at 11:02
Lilian Nganga speaks on blended family & relationship with Juliani's baby mama

Lilian Ng’anga is slowly learning to open her fans and despite being one who prefers her life off social media – i guess with her status she has no choice but to keep her fans updated and entertained because just like Karen Nyamu – she too will need the publicity someday.

Anyway the new mum in town recently held a candid interview with Citizen Digital where she opened up about her new journey as a first time mum; and judging from her responses – which included positive vibes – Nganga says it’s been a walk in the park.

According to Lilian Nganga, she hasnt seen anything hard about motherhood and in fact – she’s enjoying each new day since it brings a new blessing and milestone for her son; and just like every other mum, she’s happy to be present to experience this with baby boy.


Blended family

Well since Juliani has a daughter with his ex girlfriend, Brenda Wairimu – Nganga says if theres anything she is happy about Juliani is the fact that he is an amazing father to his kids.

She went on to reveal that so far, Juliani’s daughter already met his small brother; which only means Brenda Wairimu is also putting in work to have the blended family functioning as it should.

Juliani with daughter and ex, Brenda Wairimu

Although Lilian Nganga chose to keep it brief – all we know is that Juliani’s home is in order and although blended families don’t always get along….all i can say is that it takes you being the most mature you can possibly be, even when you don’t want to be to make it work.


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